Privacy Policy

The website that you are currently viewing has been set for a special informative purpose that has to be acknowledged before heading in any other direction or progressing toward active participation in the services provided. There may appear several moments during the online session at which point the service will ask for personal information of any sort. These however, include only the likes of first and/or last name, e-mail address, which are used strictly for identification and further contact with the network. By making such emends, the online operation is keeping up with any requirements that have befallen on the web related activity and virtual places storing electronic data provided by individual users. Every bit of information that one is providing, must be a willing and selfless act, which directs to the same person who have done so.

Log Data can relate to various traits which are viewed as personal preference, including web browser version, visited sections of a page and even the addresses of specific networking protocols. Although much is done on the part of a website, potential visitors must also be aware that some kinds of malicious acts can be on part of misunderstood regulations. Apart from what is clearly perceived as scam, not always may be viewed as such which cannot be hold against any outside party. No spam will be generated and send to registered users who may want to receive informational resources, related to updates on the chosen topics. With this in mind, the website will not take any responsibility of what might happen after leaving the boundaries of it and following the outbound links leading to the third party services. Any possible changes or future updates on the policy can take place and all the parties involved will be informed if this may occur.

Cookies Policy

All the viewers who launch the site in their web browser of choice must also know about the Cookies Policy that is now widely applied all over the Internet. “Cookies” are nothing more than small portion of files that gather specific information and are stored on a personal computer hard drive. These files may become useful when apprehending the websites you have previously met, but when abused they can still have some code that might lead to personal data. As part of the current web terminology, this webpage is also using cookies, but will never use them in the contrary of other than those abiding in the terms or agreements.

If there would be still doubts about whether something cannot be clearly defined, professional algorithms installed in any applications supporting connective are being fully compliant. By entering the site, visitors have to be aware of the log data center which also gathers information about their presence and time spent during the online sessions. While the unique Internet Protocol addresses are being utilized strictly for connectivity issues, some of the networks might use them to diversify the visitors by geographical area or household. There is everything being currently done that is within the power of technological prowess, to keep the worldwide viewers safe and keep any potential threats at bay. The importance of online security is the highest priority which will be always sustained by any technicalities involved at upholding the safety of all data.