The cTrader software platform is a Spotware based application package that offers a variety of tools that are used for different types of trading. It provides a full accessibility to any related options that might apply toward this industry leading development and while the traders would want to receive more back up of the updates, any relevant data flow is receivable on regular terms.

This trading platform will be available in several versions, depending on the devices used and system implemented. Those would include the cTrader: Web, Mobile Web, Android, iOS and other derivatives as cAlgo or cMirror. The Automated broker service is introduced by the cBroker program, which comes with a different set of abilities to certify the enabled action into a next stage of performance.

There are also specific systems basing on the server side of the operatives, namely cServer that also utilizes the proxy cloud into further complexity of the options. Using the STP networks for directing the trade routes, through global banking institutions as well, the platform allows for a perfectly stable and comfortable live trading environment, where the exchange activity can be freely developed.

This software solution is distributed as proprietary package, but it is still available in a demo version, introducing few of the general options from the user interface. By applying for a full account at the trading websites supporting the cTrader technology, one will certainly receive complete access to every feature, unlocked by the network that operates it.

This platform will also include many functions, like technical analysis tools, data chart viewers and updates driven on constant feedback, allowing for a quick entry and safe execution of events. Find out the right place for you to start, by visiting any of the sites listed in here.

cTrader Brokers

Broker Review Deposit Bonus Max Leverage Regulated by Visit
IC Markets Review

IC Markets 500:1 ASIC Open Account
RoboForex Review

RoboForex 50% / $10.000 max 500:1 CySEC, FSCL Open Account